These are the artists who were on the tour in 2018, the list of 2019 artists will be available by early March

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Paula Amerine  •  Lisa Bone  •  Cindy Bonito  •  Sean Bonito  •  Judy Butler  •  Sandy Delehanty 
Brenda Dominguez  •  C. John Dominguez  •  Phill Evans  • Steve Harrington  •  Doug Horton
Louise Noel •  Jenn Norpchen  •  Janet Paehlig  •  Keith Smith
Merridee Joan Smith  •  Randy Thacker
Sponsor: Horton Iris Garden


Steve Harrington

Found Metal Sculpture

Steve loves making fun stuff from found metal objects and shows at the High Hand Gallery and Flower Farm Nursery.

Click here to find Steve’s creations on YouTube

(916) 652-4051
3300 Cherokee Trail, Loomis
Facebook: Steve Harrington
email: s.harrington [at]


Louise Noel

Silk Paintings
Showing with #1

(775) 781-0641
Facebook: L. Noel Silk Paintings
email: nvrabbit [at]


Phill Evans

Showing with #1

Sculptural designer Phill Evans has been producing sculptural arts and design in the Sacramento area, regionally and nationally, for the past 40 years. Inspired by people, places and things, Phill’s creative curiosity is charged by personalities, historical perspective, geophysical observations and balancing design conclusions with the engineering sciences. Working with metal glass, stone and wood, Phill has created many award wining sculptural concepts in kinetics, furniture, figurative works and public art. Visit his web site to see examples of the many techniques and skills, producing classical and contemporary designs for individuals and the general public to enjoy.

(916) 992-4611
email: phillart [at]


Sandy Delehanty, CWA
Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media/Encaustics

Sandy Delehanty’s award winning paintings are in public, corporate and private collections in the United States, France and South Africa. Sandy has been exhibiting in galleries since 1993 and has had 24 solo shows, six two person shows, and has participated in many more invitational group shows. The American Watercolor Society 151st International Juried Competition in New York City, 2018, will include Sandy’s painting titled “Notre Dame”. Another of Sandy’s watercolors was just awarded “Best of Show” in Animal House 13th Annual International Juried Exhibition. Her painting “Majestic” is currently hanging in Yosemite Renaissance 33, a prestigious exhibition held annual at the Yosemite Museum Gallery. In 2016 the American Women Artists Association awarded her painting an Award of Excellence and she is now a Member of Distinction with the organization. Sandy was awarded CWA Signature Status by the California Watercolor Association in 2011, and has had paintings juried into a total of 49 national and international competitions. She is represented by Sparrow Gallery in Sacramento, Auburn Old Town Gallery in Auburn, and Art Obsessions Gallery in Truckee, California.

Click here to view a video of Sandy demonstrating a watercolor technique

(916) 214-4624
8041 Boulder Creek Rd., Penryn
Web site:
Facebook: Sandy Delehanty’s Art
email: sandydelehanty [at]


Cindy Bonito

Showing with #4

Cindy Bonito is a local artist who has lived in the foothills for the past 12 years. She works in several mediums including relief printmaking, photography, and painting (watercolor & soft pastels). Her training in printmaking came from course work at both Diablo Valley and Sierra Colleges. Cindy has participated in numerous local art events and tours.

(530) 823-0490
email: cindyabonito [at]


Judy Butler
Fused Glass

Showing with #4

Animals, nature, color, and whimsy are just a few of the themes that influence Judy’s fused glass. She is fortunate to live on a farm in Newcastle, surrounded by numerous animals, loving family and natural beauty. Her glass studio is located in this inspirational setting. Her process starts with creating a design and then carefully cutting pieces of glass. It’s layered in a kiln where it is fired for approximately 18 hours. This may be repeated several times until the artwork has achieved the desired effect. The pieces Judy creates are one-of-a-kind and include fine jewelry and pieces for the home. Her unique products demonstrates craftsmanship and design with a touch of whimsy. Judy’s work is displayed at several local galleries, stores and on the internet.

(916) 300-6720
Web site:
Facebook: Quirky Creations
email: judybutlerart [at]


Keith Smith

Showing with #4

Keith became enthralled with the use of wax and the Indonesian batik copper printing blocks known as “tjaps” at the World Batik Conference held at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2005. There he met Indonesian batik artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam from whom he subsequently took a tjap batik class and, in 2014, spent a month honing his technique in their studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Keith says, “The cauldron of wax reminds me of the foul smelling concoctions I used to cook up in my past life as an organic chemist. Since then I have avidly collected tjaps, had some custom made in Indonesia, and have gradually improved my skills in the use of wax, tjaps and dye to create bold, colorful designs.” Keith uses the traditional techniques and tools of Indonesian Batik to create contemporary and abstract effects with this old technique.”

Keith has studied design with Susan Louise Moyer and collaborates with his wife, fiber artist Merridee Smith, on works combining tjap batik and silk painting. His work may be seen at the Auburn Old Town Gallery.

(530) 305-3532
Facebook: Keith Smith
email: batikilk [at]


Merridee Joan Smith

Fiber Arts
Showing with #4

Merridee is enthralled with fiber and plants, and these combined interests have resulted in her love of fiber arts: silk painting, botanical printing and felt making. As a silk painter, her particular passion is subjects from nature, particularly flowers. She was recognized by her peers in Silk Painters International as a Master Silk Painter and her work may be seen in Susan Louise Moyer’s book, Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art. Her work has also been exhibited at the United States Botanical Garden Conservatory in an exhibit cosponsored by the Cotanical Garden and the Smithsonian Institution. As a feltmaker, she is thrilled with the tactile quality of the wool and other fibers, and loves that felt making is an ancient and very usable medium. Her work can be seen locally in the Auburn Old Town Gallery. She has had the pleasure to teach in Mendocino and Sacramento, California and at the Volcano Art Center in Hawaii.

(530) 305-5987
Web Site: Merridee Joan Fiber Arts
Facebook: Merridee Joan Fiber Arts
email: creeksidesilk [at]


Doug Horton
Jewelry & Sculpture

Doug Horton’s jewelry is a study of detailed patterns that satisfies his need to be meticulous. He looks for materials that challenge: mother of pearl, jade, gold, coconut, silver and coral. Each has its secrets that must be searched out.

7440 King Road, Loomis
(916) 239-9432

Web site:
email: doughortonart [at]


Janet Paehlig
Jewelry, Fiber Art

Showing with #9

Janet creates unique jewelry from beads and specialty pieces that she finds on her travels. She incorporates the new with the old; giving each its own individual story. Eight years ago Janet joined the Foothill Quilters Guild where she offers embellishments, beads, specialty pieces and fibers to art quilters and to those who make wearable art. With her love for art quilts she decided to start making her own art wall hangings. Ten years of living in the foothills has given Janet a chance to participate in local art shows.

(530) 823-1444
Web site:
Facebook: TenajCreations
Instagram: @JanetPaehlig
email: janet [at]


Paula Amerine

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor & Pastel
Showing with #9

Paula Amerine, illustrator of The Art of Real Food Cookbook, worked with local farmers to produce illustrations of seasonal fruits and vegetables for this lush cookbook. The paintings are visually instructive in nature, and inspire the community to see the beauty in what we eat and recognize how fortunate Placer County residents are to have such abundant options for our meals. She is a retired Del Oro High School art teacher who now paints full time. Paula volunteers for community art projects, most recently the painting of a utility box in Auburn. Poster design for the 2017 Auburn Rotary and Placer Office of Education’s One Book One Community is her most current contribution integrating her passion for knowledge and art. Paula’s work may be seen at High Hand Gallery in Loomis.

(530) 613-8340
Web site:
email: paulaamerine [at]


Lisa Bone
Raku, Horse Hair & Wheel Thrown Ceramics
Showing with #9

Lisa’s fascination with clay will never end as long as the many ways to shape, texture, fire, glaze and enhance it are non-exhaustible! Lisa specializes in horsehair raku and other low fire techniques that produce unique and unpredictable results. She can even create a beautiful piece of art that you can treasure forever by using your horse’s tail hair. Lisa takes joy in sharing her love of clay with others by teaching and providing lessons in her home studio.

(916) 769-6604
Web site:
Facebook: Lisa Bone Designs
email: thmbonz [at]


Jenn Norpchen

Showing with #9

Art has always influenced Jenn’s life. With a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Fine Arts, she used her background in ceramics and sculpture to meld the two mediums with gourds. Jenn is grateful for the left brained, intellectually stimulating world in which she spends some of her time as an architectural designer…but grateful for the enlightenment and creativity that allows her right brain to rise.

(925) 997-7395
Web site:
Facebook: Jen’s Wild Gourds
email: jen.norpchen [at]


Brenda Dominguez
Watercolor, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Fiber Art

Brenda is a self taught artist, dipping into watercolor, pastel, colored pencil and fiber art. Her award-winning paintings are in corporate and private collections. She proudly displays her work in the Crocker Art Gallery gift shop, Wholesale Art and Framing in Rocklin, The Flower Farm in Loomis, and Home to Roost in Fair Oaks.

3578 Silver Ranch Road, Loomis
(916) 208-6638
email: thackart [at]

C. John Dominguez
Lapidary, Pendants & Jewelry
Showing with #14

John specializes in custom jewelry for women and men. He uses semi-precious gemstones that are handcrafted into polished cabochons set in sterling silver. His collections show a variety of styles and his goal is to create one of a kind, timeless jewelry for all ages of both genders. He wants his customers to understand they have chosen a piece of art that was meant to be worn especially by them.

email: cjohndominguez [at]
(916) 257-2534


Randy Thacker
Showing with #14

Randy grew up in Roseville, California. A self-taught artist, he started painting during the 1970s while he was in high school. Through years of experimentation, he has gradually refined his technique, which uses a combination of palette knife and brush to create a variety of textures. Artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Bob Ross have been an influence on Randy’s style. His medium of choice is acrylic on canvas; and he prefers using large canvases to create landscapes and abstracts.

(916) 259-2016
Web Site:
email: rthacker [at]


Sean Bonito, AB
Graphite Pencil
Showing with #14

A graduate of the Art Studio program at U.C. Davis, Sean works in multiple media and multiple subjects. Some of his favorite mediums are Intaglio, graphite, Photoshop, and other digital media. He is an experienced printmaker who also enjoys working with graphite pencils. Sean spent extensive time developing multiple printing techniques while working in the U.C. Davis print lab. Sean is represented by Art Obsessions Gallery in Truckee, California.

(916) 769-7671
Facebook: ArtistSeanBonito
Instagram: @ArtistSeanBonito

email: seanfbonito [at]


#18 – Sponsor
Horton Iris Garden

Iris, Jewelry & Sculpture

7440 King Road, Loomis
(916) 652-4351
Web site: Horton Iris Garden










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